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So there is a game that I just heard from a friend of mine and I went online and first played it myself. It can generate great results with people new people that you have just met. Check it out....

So what is the Cube?

It is basically a game of symbols and questions. Five simple questions and the accurate and creative interpretation of symbolic meaning in their answers will enable you to smoothly lead a woman deeper and deeper into seduction.

No Right or Wrong Cube

You need to understand that the structure of the cube isn’t as important as the way the game is played. There is no right or wrong answers in the Cube. What is important is that you should be able to think on your feet and come up with plausible and interesting interpretations to any of the answers that your target gives.

How It is played

: have you ever played the Cube. (she is bound to reply in the negative) … ok, so I will ask you a few simple questions and once I done I will know all about you. Before we start… Do you think you have good visualization skills…In other words are you imaginative?

: errr….Yes.

: Good. Now imagine that you are in a desert. (I prefer using landscapes with as little distraction as possible like deserts or snow covered mountains). And in the desert there is a cube. What is it made of? What size is it? (Optional Questions: What color is it? Is it hollow or filled? If filled what is it filled with? Is it lying on the ground or floating in air?)

Next you see a ladder. Where is it in relation to the cube? How big is it? What is it made of? How many rungs does it have?

Next you see flowers. How many are there? Where are they in relation to the cube? What color are they?

Next you see a horse. What does it look like? Where is it in relation to the cube? Is it wild or tame? Does it have a settle? What is it doing?

Next you see a storm. How big is it? Is it near or near or far from the cube? Does it look menacing or mild?

Once you have asked all the questions and probed her for the answers (you will need to lead her a bit with suggestions. Don’t let her answer the questions mechanically. I had once asked a girl what her cube was made of, she instantly replied ice. Don’t accept such answers) you can tell her the meaning of the various things saw in her scenery. They are:

= The Self
Ladder = Her Friends
Flowers = Represent the place of children in her life
Horse = Her Ideal Lover
Storm = Her Challenges and Problems

These are some of the interpretations that you can draw from her answers. I am only providing the basic
interpretation and expect my readers to be flowery in their speech when they interpret the answers

The Cube itself

Tiny cube => The girl feels insignificant or ignored. You can also interpret her personality as being modest, unassuming and reserved.

Cube resting on the ground => Is realistic in her dreams and goals - has no flowery flights of fancy. Conversely if her cube is levitated or flying you can you can describe her as being a dreamer or an idealist with lofty albeit slightly unrealistic ambitions.

Cube far away in the distance => Feels left behind or blames life for not treating her with fairness.

Cube made of solid material => has a strong, well ground personality, with pride and lots of self worth.

Cube made of gold or other precious material => Egoistic, thinks she is worth a Queens’s ransom.

Cube made of glass or transparent material => Considers herself chaste and pure


Long, strong ladder with several rungs => She has a big social circle, and lots of supportive and understanding friends. You can further interpret her answer by describing her as having an outgoing amicable personality.

Ladder made of some odd material => Feels that all her friends and relatives are weird and can’t understand her at all.

Ladder with few rungs (but made of solid material) => has a close knit social circle

Ladder in a less than good condition => Has trouble trusting her friends or feels that they take undue advantage of her goodness.

Ladder leaning against cube => Thinks of herself as a bit of martyr or one who always goes out of her way to help her friends.

Ladder on top of cube => Feels oppressed in the company of her friends. She thinks of them as dominating and overbearing.

Ladder much bigger than cube => feels small and neglected in her social circle


Number of flowers = Represents the number of children wants to have.

Flowers close to cube => The girl is maternal and protective.

Flowers far away => Doesn’t want to have children anytime soon.

Flowers blooming well => Feels that she would be able to provide her children with great life.

Flowers all around/over the cube => Feels scared or overwhelmed at the prospect of having kids.

Beautiful flowers (roses, lilacs etc) => Finds children very beautiful


Strong, large horse => Wants a strong, protective man

Horse close to the cube => Wants her lover to deeply attached to her both emotionally and physically.

Horse well separated from cube => Is afraid that she might never be able to attract the right man.

Small, submissive horse => Wants a lover she can dominate or envisions being (stuck?) with a wimp

Wild horse => Wants to be with a guy with a wild independent streak (A quintessential bad boy)

Horse stomping on the cube => Has been or is afraid of being used and abused by her lovers.

Horse walking away from the cube => Feels abandoned


Storm at a distance/Small storm => Feels fairly secure at present. No major troubles in her life.

Storm approaching => Is afraid that her life will be soon be overrun by the unpredictable forces of past karma.

Storm receding => Has recently faced and overcome some serious difficulties.

Huge malevolent storm hovering over the cube => Feels her life is in deep shit


Its a pretty cool psychoanalysis game - i think the name for the type is kokology.


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